Me, Myself, and I- Take a TIMEOUT for you!

In this parenting series, we talked about how important establishing support is. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that in order for you to be the healthiest and best parent you can be, you need "you time". When you've established a support system, it's easier to find those moments in your life when you can take time for yourself. Basically, every decision you make to start preparing for parenthood, builds on one another.

So, why is a "mom timeout" important? Here are two basic reasons but I'm sure if pressed we could come up with MANY more!

1. Moms who take time for themselves are healthier. – Taking time for yourself as a mom is important so that you can be your best for your family. Not only are moms physically healthier when they take time for themselves, but they are also mentally healthier.

2. You set a good example for your kids when you take care of yourself. – Children who have moms who take care of themselves are more likely to take care of themselves. Moms who exercise regularly have children who are more active.

Signs you're in need of a timeout.

  • You find yourself feeling upset and frustrated over everything.

  • You always feel guilty and have doubts about decisions you make.

  • You are always tired and have no motivation.

  • You can not remember the last time that you felt happy or joyful.

  • You feel as though you are just going through the motions rather than really living.

  • You have trouble sleeping, losing weight, or being able to accomplish simple tasks.

If you feel guilty about self-care, know this, taking care of yourself isn't a luxury—it's an essential part of being a good mom. Decide now that you will take the time for you. Even if it's only 5 minutes a day, that can be enough to re-center you and get you back on track. Start with small amounts of time and then build from there. You won't regret your "timeouts", and your family will benefit greatly from it!

  • References available upon request


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