Preparing for Parenthood: Support is Vital

Last week we talked about the importance of building a strong support and understanding with the baby's father. What if he isn't involved though? Regardless of whether he is or isn't, you will need a support system outside of what he can provide. Family and friend relationships are a vital part of your sanity when raising a child!

Evaluate: consider the relationships you currently have. Who could you ask to give you additional support before and after the baby is born? Who could give you solid parenting advice? Who could be a shoulder to cry on? Make that list and check it twice!

Communicate: now that you have your list of people you would like to have support from, discuss that with them. Their idea of support may not be yours so making sure you have an understanding will help alleviate disappointment. In addition, you may need different support from each person. Maybe talk with one about needing parenting advice and another about coming over once a week so you can nap or shower (!) after the baby is born. Knowing who will do what will lessen your stress when trying to decide in the moment who you need to contact.

Take action: you have your list made, you contacted everyone and expressed your need for support and what it will look like from each one, yet, here you are, needing help and you refuse to actually take the step to get that help! How often have we all done something like this? Raising my hand right now! All. The. Time. Why do we do this? People have already said they will help, but too often our pride gets in the way. This is not the time to be too proudful. Take the step. Ask. Trust me, people want to help but often wait to hear from you because they don't want to be intrusive.

The PLC Health Clinic can also be a great support system to you. From our trained and knowledgeable staff to our classes and interaction with other moms, we can be that resource. Don't hesitate to get involved. You can go to our website right now and either sign up for a class or for an intake if you're not a client already.


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